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The Power of One

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Picture this:

You have an exciting new event coming up.

You send your beautifully crafted brochure, flyer and cover letter to a translation agency for translation.

You get three translations back.

So far, so good.

BUT It’s a disaster.

They’re similar but different.

The brochure says Castle XYZ, the flyer XYZ Castle and your cover letter calls it Schloss XYZ.

How on earth can inconsistencies like this occur?

Quite simply – the agency used a different translator for each item to be translated. This speeds up the translation process. Three people working on your project may mean you receive your texts sooner, but discrepancies such as these can be costly.

How can you avoid this happening?

Use a freelance translator rather than an agency.

One person for the entire project.

A professional translator knows that consistency is key to any translation and ensures the same expressions are used throughout the entire text by creating a client-specific glossary.

You can discuss any particular preferences you may have directly with your translator and together you can create a bespoke glossary for your exclusive use.

The added benefit is that when you come to order a follow-up translation, the terminology is already in place. Perfect!

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