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To everything there is a season

Such beautiful colours.

Such hard work sweeping all the leaves up.

So, I like to make lots of different piles dotted around the garden for our resident hedgehogs to make their winter home in.

It's important for hedgehogs to have somewhere warm and cosy where they can sleep if they are to survive hibernation.

While there are a lot of hedgehog "hotels" available on the market, a simple pile of leaves, an undisturbed compost heap or a few fallen logs in the garden can also do.

My hedgehogs like to sleep beneath a fern in the front garden. Tucked up warmly inside the fallen leaves, they growl at me if I accidentally forget they're there and try tidying up the flower bed.

It's kind of comforting to know they're there. Makes me feel that I'm doing something a little bit right. Hope they all make it safely through to the spring.

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