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Farewell to a Feline Friend: Remembering the Life of Rosie the Cat

I look at the chair where she used to nap. It’s empty and cold. Void of a round furry body snoozing the day away. The familiar patter of tiny paws no longer follows me down the stairs. No crunch resonates beneath my feet from kibble spilled from her bowl. Rosie has crossed the rainbow and left me bereft. I miss her gentle face, her demanding meows for food, and the pure contentment expressed through her purrs when held in my embrace. Rosie is no more and I am so alone. Alone with all the things that remind me of her. The toys, a fresh bag of kitty litter, a stash of treats and drinks, the reminders of what I’ve lost. A precious love that was once mine. A bitter-sweet ache that lingers – a love cherished but now departed. A life once shared, treasured in my heart.

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