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Being perfect

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Perfection is something we all strive for. That outcome of which we all can be proud. But how many times does that actually happen? How often can we truly hold up our hands to say we have produced a perfect piece of work?

I can guarantee that over time, we will view our efforts with a different set of eyes. One day, one week or one year on, we’ll be able to spot a more elegant way of putting things. A new thought on meaning will pop up. A different angle or approach will occur.

Seen like this, we realise that perfection doesn’t really exist. Hunting it down can lead to a spiralling circle of doubt and hesitation, preventing us from doing anything creative. A better approach would be to embrace perfection as a work in progress - a goal worth pursuing and one that shouldn’t hobble us. Writing an article or post and publishing it, doesn’t mean this is who we are forever. Our writing abilities aren’t frozen in time; it’s just one step along the path towards perfection and shouldn’t be something to fear.

Accepting this can help liberate us from the shackles of self-doubt and allow us to write more freely and let us grow. Growth is what we are really looking for - a constant evolution of self - not perfection. One step leading to another, taking us higher and higher as we perfect our craft. If we don’t put those first steps down, how can we evolve? See each step as the foundation. As laying the groundwork on something towards something bigger.

Don’t fear putting your thoughts out there; consider it part of the voyage into a world of discovery. Enjoy the ride with no thought of the final destination. And, above all, admire the view along the way.

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