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Butterflies, bees and rainbows

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Had a work-free weekend at long last.

If you want to keep going like that Duracell bunny, it's important to make sure your batteries are charged. So, a lazy weekend it was.

Well, apart from all the gardening that is.

It's amazing how the green stuff just grows and grows. No sooner have you cleared one patch of weeds than another springs up in its place.

The buddleia is now in full flower and attracting masses of bees and the odd butterfly or two. As soon as I whip out my Smartphone though, all the butterflies become camera shy and refuse to pose artistically against the deep purple of the flowers.

Thank goodness the bees made up for it. They were so busy, they had no time for such shenanigans and just ignored me as I snapped away.

Sunday was a bit of a wash-out but this gorgeous rainbow late afternoon more than made up for it. Now, I just have to figure out where that pot of gold is. Any suggestions?

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