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The Journey to Perfection: A Work in Progress

Updated: May 23, 2023

A book entitled Progress not Perfection beside an apple and magazines
Progress not Perfection by Harper Mason

We all want to be perfect. To produce flawless work that makes us proud. But how often does that happen? How many times can we honestly say we’ve nailed it? I bet that if we look back at our work after some time, we’ll see things differently. A day, a week or a year later, we’ll find a better way to say something. A new insight into the meaning will emerge. A different perspective or method will appear.

This shows us that perfection is a myth. Chasing it can lead to a vicious cycle of doubt and hesitation, stopping us from doing anything creative. A smarter approach would be to see perfection as a work in progress - a worthy aim but not a crippling one. Writing an article or post and publishing it doesn’t mean this is the best we can do. Our writing skills are not set in stone; they’re just one step on the journey towards perfection and they shouldn’t scare us.

Accepting this can help us break free from the chains of self-doubt and let us write more freely and grow. Growth is what we really want - a constant improvement of ourselves - not perfection. One step leads to another, taking us higher and higher as we hone our craft. If we don’t take those first steps, how can we evolve? See each step as the foundation. As building something bigger and better.

Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts; think of it as part of the adventure into a world of discovery. Enjoy the ride without worrying about the final destination. And, above all, appreciate the scenery along the way.

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