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As you probably know, Germany has palaces and castles galore.

Not all are as famous as Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, though. Take this gorgeous one - Weikersheim Palace and Gardens in Baden-Württemberg. A hidden gem if ever there was one.

Just like any modern-day homeowner, Count Wolfgang of Hohenlohe wasn't totally happy with the fixtures and furnishings in the 12th century moated castle he moved into and in 1586 decided what it needed was a lick of paint.

Well, we all know that once you start putting your stamp on a place it can sometimes turn into more than a lick of paint, so it's not surprising that Wolfgang's attempts at DIY turned into reconstructing the whole place into a Renaissance palace complete with gardens. A project that continued over the centuries.

The photos are just some of the amazing things you can find in this quirky place. It's well worth a visit, believe me.

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