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A great tip for a perfect translation

You write your marketing copy for your German-speaking audience. Your ideas, language and concept are all tailored to them.

But what about a different audience - an English-speaking audience. An audience that has different preferences and needs to be reached in a different way. How do you communicate your message to this new audience? Through transcreation.

  • Transcreation takes your core message and adapts it to connect with your target readers.

  • Transcreation requires a level of creativity, originality and cultural awareness to make sure your thoughts and words are transferred into the target language without losing any of the effect.

  • The perfect translation is a mix of translation and transcreation. Customised with your consumer in mind. A different consumer to the original.

It makes good business sense to entrust your marketing translation to someone who knows how to do it.

Someone like me.

I can guide you through what needs to be done to get the perfect English translation for your German marketing needs.

I'm just an email away:

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